Twitter – the next big thing on social media.

This 140 character platform is causing huge waves in the digital world. Brands are vying to be in this space and are spending crazy moolah to get the maximum number of followers.

For an individual, Twitter offers the content he requires in a short, crisp format. He can choose to follow the brands/people he wants on Twitter. Following a particular Twitter handle ensures that the tweets put up by that handle will show up on your Twitter news feed. Thus you can keep up to date with what your favorite brands are saying. Celebrity following is also another popular trend. Right from sportspersons to politicians to musicians to actors, everyone has a Twitter handle. Following them keeps me closely connected with them. I know what is happening in their lives. I can retweet or favorite their tweets in order to show them support and if I am lucky, I can also have them talk back to me. So be it a Britney Spears or an Amitabh Bachchan, Twitter gives me a chance to stay connected to them and be a part of their inner circle.

Brands run so many contests on Twitter that these days it has become a platform for winning prizes. Following popular hash tags lets me be a part of these contests and I can try my luck. These brands are vying for my attention and giving me the best of their services to ensure that I tweet for them. I know that I am really important for them as a follower and hence I can use that to my own personal gain. Contests on Twitter are really simple. All I have to do is to follow the brand and answer a simple question or upload a picture or tag a few friends and I am done! Twitter contests are also way quicker to play than contests on other social media platforms.

Also, following popular hash tags lets me know what is happening across the world, what are people saying about it and allows me to contribute my opinion towards the same. These days there have been mass movements using just the power of Twitter. One of the most recent examples of the same was when India lost the semi finals of the Cricket World Cup to Australia, one of the news channels started a trend called #ShamedInSydney and hoped to get people tweeting about how the team had disappointed the country. However, angry Indian fans took to tweeting with #ShameOnTimesNow and tweets poured from all over in support of the Indian cricket team and finally the news channel Times Now had to back track and remove its tweets.

In a nutshell, Twitter hands me the world in my pocket – all in 140 characters and hence I really love Twitter. It gives me the power to be a part of something huge, gives me the pleasure of staying connected to my idols and also helps me win prizes! What more do I want?


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